Materiał: szkło satynowe, metal
Wymiary: 40cm (wysokość), 24cm (długość), 180cm (kabel)
Kolor: biały
Moc: 1x15W (kompaktowa żarówka fluorescencyjna) / 1x105W (halogen)
Rodzaj źródła światła: E27

One, two, three lanterns that are lightweight yet brimming with seductive texture. Three different yet concurrently

complementary shapes, balancing between the east and the west. A family of lamps that sheds its relaxing light

in the most diverse settings, conveying the magic of rice paper or mulberry tree bark, the raw materials of traditional

Japanese lanterns, in the precious physical appeal of blown and frosted glass.The horizontal lines which cut

across the surface of the lamps give rise to a soft and charming décor and at the same time contribute to filtering

the intensity of the light source, diffusing a full, warm and soft light into the room.