Lampa stołowa jak i podłogowa KURAGE 

- klosz tworzy specjalny japoński papier WASHI przepuszczający  światło. Nogi stworzone z drzewa jesionowego nadające indywidualny charakter całości.

Kolor : Biały 


KURAGE A new lightweight, poetic, handcrafted project has emerged from the joint efforts of Italian designer

Luca Nichetto and the multidisciplinary working group Nendo founded by Japanese architect Oki Sato

- the new Kurage table lamp. In Japanese kurage means jellyfish and the lamp does in fact

resemble a sea animal which dances through the seas cradled by a suffused light, obtained thanks to

the use of the finest Japanese washi paper. Kurage is made thanks to a very particular workmanship

technique that is based on the manufacturing of 3D washi paper.