Materiał : wykonana z tworzywa ekologicznego i stali lakierowanej.

Lampa owysublimowanej formie zainspirowana pniem drzewa - wyposażona w "gałąź" .

Dostępna w czterech kolorach. 

The slim stem recalls the trunk of a tree, its shade is a reinterpretation of the classic

reading lamp, while the branch, as if ready for a “birdie” to alight, beckons your touch,

turning it on or off. These three elements spontaneously coalesce to give life to

a friendly lamp, that combines a smooth and familiar structure with a boldly character.

Made with sturdy yet lightweight materials, Birdie has a different personality, depending

on the colour: in white, it can be discreet and almost invisible, but in amaranth,

orange or grey it becomes more of a prima donna capable playing the starring role of a room. 


Polycarbonate, coated steel and metal


white, grey, amaranth, orange